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Our books will delight fans of horror with the spine-chilling experience of bonding the story with with the most gripping visuals. This hypnotizing combination will captivate your imagination till you feel like being part of the plot, clinging to life...

Streaks of red, presumably blood (my blood?) run down his face and onto the shadow clothes like an egg that was cracked over his head and the yolk ran through his hair.


It’s in these moments of clarity that I wonder if other people have similar problems.


Once the scorns tasted meat, it drove their minds as black as their bodies…they grew long fangs to help them tear, and sharp molars to help grind up the flesh.

"The Battle of Glosser"

There is a creature that watches me shower… It looks like a mutated spider that has seen hard times. Whenever I sense its stare, I start to feel so uncomfortable that I must turn around and see its gruesome eye, its unblinking eye.


In her left hand rested a pocketknife, small enough to fit on a keychain but big enough to be slowly dragged across her right forearm. The sting kept her awake, alert.